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Mancala Tips


The Chief's Tips
"We are what our thinking makes us"
~ Nigerian Proverb

Mancala Tip #1

The Opening Move
As The First Player, You Should Start With The 3RD Cup As Your Opening Move . . .
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Mancala Tip #2

Play From The Right
Empty Your Rightmost Cup As Early As Possible When Playing Mancala . . .
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Mancala Tip #3

Play Offensive
If You Cant Make A Move Where Your Last Seed Lands In Your Capture Pit . . .
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Mancala Tip #4

Play Defensive
If You Can't Move In A Way That Will Capture Your Opponent's Seeds . . .
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Mancala Tip #5

Disrupt The Bonus
Remove Your Opponents Ability To Earn Extra Bonus Turns By . . .
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Mancala Tip #6

Empty Your Cups Wisely
Create Empty Cups On Your Side Of The Board Where Your Opponents Cups Are Not Empty . . .
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Mancala Tip #7

Develop Flexible Strategies
Keep The Number Of Seeds In Each Cup Less Than Or Equal To The Number Needed To Reach Your Own Capture Pit . . .
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Mancala Tip #8

Lure Them Into The Trap
Sometimes, You May Need To Lure Your Opponent Towards Your Trap By Sacrificing Seeds As Bait . . .
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Mancala Tip #9

Hoarding Is Collecting Several Seeds In One Cup And Having It Act Like A Little Store . . .
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The Chief's Tips
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