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Mancala Rule Book

First things First

Mancala Rules Are Easy To Learn. Its Important To Note That The Name ‘Mancala’ Most Accurately Describes A Family Of Games Rather Than Just One Game With Set Rules. There Are Many Variants With Different Names And Varying Rules. Its Like Playing Card Games – With Your Cards You Can Choose To Play Black Jack, Snap, Poker But All Come Under The Family Of Card Games.

There Are Over 200 Variants Within The Mancala Family And All Share The Sow And Capture Game Play In One Way Or Another. Click Here To Find out more about The Mancala Family.

Below Are A few Versions That Stand Out And Are Widely Played Around The World.

This Version Of Mancala Is Considered The Official Competition Standard For Professionals. The Chief’s Table Only Uses Results From Online Oware Games And Oware VS AI (Hard Mode). Only These Results Will Contribute Towards Official Leaderboards. Click Here To Read The Chief’s Oware (Abapa) Rule Book. 

Please Note This Version Is Not To Be Mistaken For The Similar But Slightly Easier Oware (Nam Nam) Which Is Considered The Children’s Version. 

Mancala Came To America In The Early 20th Century And Became Commercialized As Kalah In The 1940’s. Click Here To Read The Chief’s Mancala (No Laps) Rule Book.

The Only Difference Between Laps and No Laps Is The Sowing Process. Click Here To Read The Chief’s Mancala (Laps) Rule Book.