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Oware Tips


The Chief's Tips
"Numbers can achieve anything"
~ Ghanaian Proverb

Oware Tip #1

A Wise Start
In The Early Turns Of A New Game It Is Not Wise To Play From Neighboring Cups . . .
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Oware Tip #2

Forcing The Hand
It May Be Advantageous To Hoard Seeds In Your Own Territories, While Restricting The Supply Of New Seeds To Your Opponent . . .
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Oware Tip #3

Multiple Options
Position Yourself So That 2 Or More Of Your Opponents Territories Are Simultaneously At Risk . . .
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Oware Tip #4

Planning Is Key
Prepare Your Attacks By Setting The Number Of Seeds In Your Cups To Values That Threaten Your Opponents Territories And Allow A Capture . . .
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Oware Tip #5

The Art Of The Multi Capture
The System Of Multi Captures Can Drastically Change The Game, And Therefore This Kind Of Attack Must Be Prioritised Whilst Attacking And Defending . . .
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Oware Tip #6

Risk Assesment
Before You Launch An Attack To Capture Seeds In Your Opponents Territories . . .
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Oware Tip #7

Eliminate The Threat
You Can Eliminate A Threat Either By Increasing The Value Of The Threatening Cups In Your Opponents Territories . . .
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Oware Tip #8

The Kroo (Akan For Accumulation)
The Kroo Is The Accumulation Of Enough Seeds In A Single Cup To Make A Complete Revolution Around The Board, (At Least 12 Seeds) . . .
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Oware Tip #9

Even A Kroo Can BE Stopped
Kroo Blocking - Place At Least 2 Seeds In The Cup Being Threatened By The Kroo To Disrupt The Attack . . .
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The Chief's Tips
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