The Most
Feature Packed Mancala App

Verify Your Skills Against The Worlds Best.

Join the worlds most competitive platform for mancala game-play and meet new challengers, as you compete for The Chief rank and leave your mark on The Chief’s Table.

Mancala Games In 4k HD

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We offer 3 of the most popular mancala games; Oware (Abapa), Mancala (Laps) and Mancala (No Laps), straight out of the box when you download the free version of The Chief’s Table, and we plan to make further provisions for other variants in the family in the future.

Navigate The Chief’s Table in hyper realistic 4K 3D graphics, as you unlock new locations, equipment and an increased ability to customize the environment around you.

Play Mancala With Friends

With even more ways to connect, building a network of challengers has never been easier.

  • Monitor Your Progress With Real Time Analytics.
  • Create and Join Mancala Clubs.
  • Compete In Tournaments.

Settle The Score Once and For All!

Unlock New Locations

Complete Challenges And Earn Achievements to unlock New High Definition Locations.

New Playing Equipment

Customize Your Gaming Experience With Exclusive Seeds, Boards and Furniture.

Tournaments And Teams

  • Compete In Tournaments Hosted By The Chief For a Chance To Win Exclusive Rewards.
  • Create Teams and Compete Against Others To Earn Special Team Rewards

Sandbox Mode

This mode was designed for intense relaxation. Unwind with the relaxing music of the chiefs table as you are unlimited (No Rules) In how you can play and drop seeds.

News And Headlines

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